Best Cloud Communications Project 2017 | War Child

Adatum has supplied the IP Businessmanager Charity concept to the War Child organization across 20 countries: a complete, stable and reliable VoIP communication solution for charities and foundations. Adatum believes that money spent on costly ICT and telephony solutions can be better used to make dreams come true. The IP Businessmanager Charity for War Child runs with redundant connectivity in the Cloud and has a 6-layer security model with full encryption. War Child achieved profits of almost €100,000 euros from costs saved on investment, partly from the re-use of its existing Cisco IP devices. International calling costs are now almost inexistent too since the calling traffic transits via the Cloud solution. The Fixed Mobile Convergence functionality enables employees to be more accessible away from the office. The IP Businessmanager Charity provides centralized management for offices in 20 countries and thanks to the solution’s Narrowcasting feature, video communication is also possible.

Jury comments: ‘The complex situation from this customer’s international context and activities has been solved efficiently, creatively, in a customer-oriented and cost-effective manner.’