Best Cloud Communications Project 2018 | National Helpline listening service

Sensoor is a National Helpline listening service available around the clock to anyone who needs ‘someone to talk to’ confidentially. The listening service is available via email, chat and 24/7 by telephone. With over 2,800 devices, 30 locations and about 1,700 volunteers (homeworkers), Sensoor employees conduct annually over 290,000 conversations with people who feel anxious, unsatisfied with life, unsure of themselves or in need of contact, a listening ear. Adatum has been asked to set up a unique VoIP communications platform with a fully integrated dashboard on which users can process all kinds of data in real time and where email, chat and telephony come together on one platform. Adatum’s IP Businessmanager VoIP Cloud communications platform has been built from scratch under considerable time pressure (three months). All connected devices were IP and have been re-used. Since the IP Businessmanager VoIP Cloud communication platform is not a license model, the monthly savings are very substantial. The stability and reliability of the communications platform, as well as the processing of all entered data are a top priority. Everything else is secondary. The national 0900 phone number has also been converted. Thanks to, among other things, the cooperation between the judicial authorities, the ACM (Authority for Consumers and Markets) and Voiceworks, Adatum has access to all incoming numbers, enabling a quick response in the event of an emergency. There is a very strict privacy policy on the platform. In all security layers we use very extensive cryptographic modules. The caller’s phone number is never displayed to the volunteer who only sees a hash code on the screen. This ensures complete anonymity during the conversation. Data protection and privacy for the entire Sensoor organization is also protected by Adatum’s IP Businessmanager VoIP Cloud communications platform. Nearly 6,000,000 minutes of conversations take place annually via the platform.

‘Adatum chose in this instance not the easiest way, but the way that was best suited to the customer’s need. A wonderful implementation for a vital listening service.’