Best Specialized Partner 2018 | Charities

Adatum provides a fully-fledged IP telephony solution with the IP Businessmanager communications platform. The IP Businessmanager Charity concept is meant to offer foundations, charities, associations and organizations involved in human and animal this IP telephony environment completely free of charge. The purpose of the IP Businessmanager Charity is to ensure that the money is not used for expensive communication solutions, but instead re-invested within the organization. These customers form a vulnerable group because phone access is usually the only contact method with sponsors, supporters, care groups and donors. With the IP Businessmanager Charity communication platform, there are virtually no one-off investments and no monthly costs. Adatum extends this to the hardware by using existing equipment, or in collaboration with suppliers, whereby products are delivered at heavily reduced prices. For example, Adatum has saved almost €3,600,000 euros for affiliated organizations in 2017. Currently, two to three Charity environments are being rolled out weekly. IP Businessmanager Charity is actually an expanding project and we now have two people working full-time on this project. Within the Charity environment, we have observed that organizations talk and recommend us to each other. Adatum already serves many well established charities and the number is simply growing every week to between 300 and 400 organizations.

Jury comments: ‘A beautiful initiative to offer free telecom solutions to care organizations and understand exactly what these organizations needed.’