Why choose Adatum

Adatum ICT & Telecom thinks in terms of solutions, not products. With our expertise and skills in business processes, we offer tailored communication solutions that significantly reduce your ICT costs and increase efficiency within your organization.’

Knowledge and skills

Whether you require better access and broadband internet connections, migration to a (mobile) voice and data environment, cost reduction implementation, linking your company branches, or implementing and managing an all-IP telephony environment, Adatum ICT & Telecom is a leading player in the market with over 25 years of experience in providing a variety of solutions and support.

Peace of mind

As ICT and telecom specialist, we take care of everything for you to give you peace of mind. With a single point of contact for all your communication matters, we offer a customised, affordable and complete solution in IP telephony, data and network systems.

24/7 service desk

Adatum monitors the operation and performance of your network environment and ensures that your employees can always work online either on site or remotely from anywhere. Our service desk is available 24/7 for support in the event of outages and service interruptions, and will help you get back to work quickly on site or at your remote location.

Sustainable business

Based on our CSR policy, we offer foundations, charities, associations and organizations involved in human and animal welfare a free VoIP telephony solution. The purpose of our IP Businessmanager Charity® solution is to help these organizations reinvest the savings on expensive communication solutions into their own organization. If you wish to know more about IP Businessmanager Charity® click here.

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Satisfied customers

'Successful people do business with successful companies. It is therefore crucial and a challenge to remain at the forefront of this dynamic market.'

Our Hall of Fame

Best Cloud Communications Project 2018 | National Helpline listening service

‘Adatum chose in this instance not the easiest way, but the way that was best suited to the customer’s need. A wonderful implementation for a vital listening service.’

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Best Specialized Partner 2018 | Charities

Jury comments: ‘A beautiful initiative to offer free telecom solutions to care organizations and understand exactly what these organizations needed.’ 

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Best Cloud Communications Project 2017 | War Child

Jury comments: ‘The complex situation from this customer’s international context and activities has been solved efficiently, creatively, in a customer-oriented and cost-effective manner.’

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Best New Partner Award 2015 | Voiceworks

John Peter Murray, Adatum sales manager: ‘That our new partner Voiceworks was thinking along with us while maintaining a critical stance was nice and refreshing. This kept us alert and that shines through to our service.’

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