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Business ADSL

Business ADSL uses copper as carrier, with a fast download and a slow upload. The broadband speed is perhaps not the fastest, but business ADSL is available practically anywhere. In broadband internet delivery, the distance to the local exchange determines bandwidth speed. As a result, a higher broadband or faster internet connection may not be available at your location yet. A business ADSL can provide an excellent connection speed if your organization does not require a higher bandwidth.

Business xDSL

Business xDSL is also referred to as the successor to ADSL. The internet speed is much higher and uses copper phone lines, just like ADSL. Our offering includes variants such as VDSL, BVDSL and SDSL. We look at options available at your location and your broad bandwidth needs. We help you determine which version of xDSL best suits your organization in terms of desired speed and investment in one off as well as monthly costs.

Business fiber

A large-scale fiber optic rollout is currently underway. Business fiber allows for very high-speed internet access. There are service-level agreements (SLAs) on business fiber connections to ensure a fast and reliable internet connection. The use of fiber optic does make higher demands on your network and peripheral devices. Where fiberglass is not (yet) available, xDSL offers a comparable solution in high speed and reliability.

Business mobile broadband

Are you working on-the-go, needing only occasional but fast and reliable internet access? Or working at a remote location where no fixed internet connection is available? Business mobile broadband is the answer and can also be used as a backup for fixed internet connections. You access the high-speed broadband connection with peripheral devices like a dongle (USB network adapter) or mobile Wi-Fi device. You can always get online and get working wherever you are.

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