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‘Successful people do business with successful companies. It is therefore important and also a challenge to remain at the forefront of this dynamic market’.

Samen 010

Samen 010 (Together 010) carries out all kinds of volunteer projects for and with several Rotterdam churches. Adatum ICT & Telecom has upgraded their ICT environment, preventing expensive new investments in a new server environment. Thanks to the changes to the existing server, Samen 010 employees can now also work remotely. A customized solution, with a focus on the customer’s wishes as well as a cost-saving approach.




Nox NightTimeExpress

Nox NightTimeExpress is an industry sectors logistics and night distribution specialist with an extensive European transport network across 19 different countries. Adatum ICT & Telecom has transferred the company’s 8 large contact centres to a future-proof VoIP environment. The IP Businessmanager® platform now excels at Nox NightTimeExpress in SMART routing. Via the international, national or regional area code, calls from customers and suppliers are routed to the right location, right department and answered in the language of the caller.


ARTIS is the zoo of Amsterdam and the oldest in the Netherlands. Adatum ICT & Telecom provided the organization over 125 mobile phones with a new, monthly scalable mobile subscription that meets the wishes and requirements of ARTIS for the coming years. With the Fixed Mobile Convergence functionality, Adatum ICT & Telecom has integrated all ARTIS mobile phones in its new VoIP telephony environment: the IP Businessmanager®. Employees working on site are also accessible via an internal connection and visible within the organization.






Terre des Hommes

Terre des Hommes is an organization globally dedicated to prevent child exploitation and to ensure that children have a decent life and can grow up to be independent adults. Adatum ICT & Telecom provides IP telephony and ICT to Terre des Hommes across 18 countries. Within the organization, a High Availability model is used for the internet, whereby being online is always guaranteed by means of two separate internet connections. Internet is used for internal communication within Terre des Hommes and also a mesh Wi-Fi network has been realized using various Access points at the locations abroad for full Wi-Fi coverage.

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'Successful people do business with successful companies. It is therefore crucial and a challenge to remain at the forefront of this dynamic market.'