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When your ICT environment is properly set up, everything will work accordingly. You and your employees can work effectively and undisturbed anytime, anywhere.’

Stable server

Whether your server is running in the Cloud or on-premise using a Linux or a Windows operating system, it must keep running flawlessly. We always ensure that your ICT environment has the right hardware and network components. You can also count on 24/7 support, monitoring and service level agreements (SLAs).

Reliable backup

Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on information and technology. Digital data storage, whether locally or in the Cloud, and data retainment is essential. With our backup solution you can rest assured that your data is always stored securely and easily retrieved when necessary.

Secure data

Networks are becoming increasingly vulnerable as data is more often available online. Hackers try to encrypt data maliciously with ransomware (crypto virus), holding data hostage until a high ransom is paid. Our network security system provides protection against such cyberattacks, viruses, spam and spyware.

Customized applications

The need for customized applications within organizations is growing. In consultation with our project managers and application developers, we build solutions that suit your business needs. Already developed applications and app functions are simply added to our database and made available to our customers. This way, your organization does not need to pay additional fees for existing solutions.

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